Let us guide your transformational, soul-stirring & awe-inspiring  journeys  to the happiest  places on Earth.  TRAVEL & ENGAGE .  Heal your body , mind & soul. Take time to embark on a journey of self-development.  We curate activities & excursions that educate , inspire & ignite . Prepare to change your view & see the healing power of discovery 







 Programs are created with the most trusted partners. We will announce our own TRAVEL SERIES through email- Please connect below.



Connecting humans to  energy based LEARNING events & courses for healing & advancement.   

Your energy field, diet & lifestyle, choreographs health & emotions with physical, emotional & spiritual self.  We provide you with unique & well curated events & teachers. Our GOAL is to leave humans inspired & a better version of themselves.







Our courses will start in September 2019.  Send us an email to connect with our class schedules, availability & pricing.



Change the atmosphere & clear the clutter in your life.   Replace the old  with new vibrant energy.  

ENHANCE your environment &  your life. Organization , restyling & energy clearing,  work wonders in both the physical & energetic worlds. With attention & care, things move from disorder to order. Leaving your space fresh &   re-energized .

surrounding influence

energy advancement

air purifying

space planning

vibrational healing

colour psychology

Space,  energy  & air clearing  for a RE-SET  is a great gift.  ASK us how we can help reenergize your days. 

A journey to living life well


@ thegodmother the goal is to empower humans  to awaken their core &  live their purpose.   Mindful thinking & clear actions can lead to miracles in all aspects of life — from  relationships & bodies  to self-image & soul searching. So much talk about healing , sacred practices, meditations,  spirit guides & medicine plants that many of us, don't know where to turn. We can help you sort through & connect with the right practice.

 Our beliefs shape our reality.


We don't all have to believe in the same things. Some of us like GOD or Allah or Angels, some of us only believe in science. This is great time to be alive, to believe &  feel at your own will. Let's get your MIND straight, we must first give ourselves the truth in order to help others. Don't lose perspective in a culture obsessed with materials & celebrities. We are committed to guiding you in a direction that is best for you.                                    


 We have worked & walked with so many health practitioners , Shamans, Natural paths, Empaths & conventional Doctors. We audit , confirm & ensure all humans we recommend are in alignment with our core beliefs. Our goal is to help you achieve your best health & mindset through a natural, mindful approach to self discovery. We don't do fads or believe in quick fixes. We believe healing is a daily life choice. 

Our beliefs shape our reality.


Amazing things happen when you work along side your friends & family. WE want to work with good humans. Our "CIRCLE OF LOVE" will promote our friends & family first.  When you’ve influenced someone’s life in a positive way, you feel connected to them; It’s a bonding experience. It builds trust through cooperation which not only brings them closer to you, it brings you closer to them. 

We align ourselves with humans who are congruent to our  compass.                                       


We listen & are good at it. We will connect & see if we are aligned in your self-discovery. Tell us about your journey, let us help you envision the next phase of your life. We help you audit, plan & enrich your existing reality. We are here to seek the best plan for your journey.  We are here to gather of the best information from different cultures, times, philosophies & scientific research & share it with you. We are here to help you sit in peace & connect with the Universe.

Our beliefs shape our reality.


We want to improve health & well-being through education, experiences & environments. We believe passionately that we can help you  LIVE LIFE WELL. 

We want to make sure that we connect you to the energies that are right for you in all areas of self-development, personal growth &  self-reflection, as well as inspiring others. Our daily mission is to help others help others. Through this belief, we know that we can make this world a better one. 


“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?” - Rumi

Elvira Muffolini, is the  founder of thegodmother.ca, a GOOD HUMAN company that  guides & inspires humans to create a life you love. Elvira is a dedicated wellness advocate,  & entrepreneur.   Elvira has a no nonsense approach to self discovery &  life.  

Whether you are dealing with life changes such as death , divorce , heart break or disconnect. Elvira specializes in next steps & is here to help in your journey to your best self. Elvira is a champion for all humans & believes that we can all make the change with effort & good VIBRATIONS.  Elvira  believes that body has the capabilities to heal & transform. Through her own transformation & learning process she feels , " You deserve to live a  life that is  healthy, energized & authentic".

"The physical body is an extraordinary vehicle that connects us to spirit , mind & soul" (Elvira Muffolini, 2019)  Knowing this significantly influences her practice when working with you. When you come to see Elvira for the first time, she listens & connects to what you are saying, what your challenges are & what you would like to achieve. Her innate connecting talents will be able to determine what is the right fit for your journey. Elvira will guide you to the right approach for your personal journey.

Elvira is a mother of 2 ,  who understands  how vital self-care is.  In order to be a mother,  business owner, & positive contributor to the community,  she fills her day with practices she has discovered in her amazing, 30 year journey to self discovery. 

PODCAST - Monday Morning High

Join Elvira Muffolini  WELLBEING ADVOCATE, STORYTELLER, MOTIVATOR, ENERGY dealer , MOMpreneur  is the self proclaimed Godmother who's quirky views  influenced by  a collection of  friends , curators & leaders  to fun and inspiring conversation. COMING SOON

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“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will instruct his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” (Thomas Edison)